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  • How can Sellpay help me increase IAP and subscription conversions?
    Sellpay enables app and game developers to offer their users a way to trade-in used goods in exchange for store gift cards credits. This allows players, who might not otherwise spend, to use these credits to access in-game purchases and subscriptions.
  • Who takes care of all the logistics?
    We handle all logistics including communication with users, prepaid shipping, trading, clearing and support, freeing you to focus on directing users and game development.
  • How much does Sellpay cost for app and game developers?
    Sellpay costs you nothing. We take a margin when we manage the trade-in from the buy and sell spread. Users see the final amount that they will get in gift card credits and only then approve the trade-in. App and game partners get all the credits users spend on their app on IAP and subscriptions.
  • How much control do I have over the messaging and placement of the trade-in promotion?
    You have complete control, and can tailor the messaging and placement to perfectly match your game's aesthetic and target audience. We provide a library of customizable messages optimized for conversion. You can choose which messages to use, mix and match or create your own and then decide where to place them within your game based on your preferences and player behavior.
  • What are the integration options for Sellpay?
    We offer both assisted and self-service integration. Our team is available to assist in integrating the trade-in widget within your game or app UI, ensuring a smooth user experience. You can also use our self-service option to customize the trade-in widget, generate a unique link and place strategic messages within your game. Clicking these messages opens the Sellpay widget, promoting user engagement.
  • Can I customize the trade-in widget to match my app and game design?
    Yes, through our console, you can customize various elements in the trade-in widget to fit seamlessly with your app and game look and feel and aesthetics.
  • What types of games are most successful with Sellpay?
    Sellpay works well with all game genres that already have in-app or subscription options, particularly those with high in-app spending potential or subscription models. Games with resource-driven mechanics or frequent user engagement offer strong opportunities for conversion.
  • In what territories can I offer Sellpay?
    We currently offer our trade-in solutions to U.S. based users. We are working to expand our offering to the EU and other territories.
  • Does Sellpay handle all customer support for the trade-in process?
    Yes, we handle all communication with users regarding trade-in inquiries, shipping instructions, and gift card allocation. This frees you from customer support workload related to the trade-in feature.
  • How can I track the impact of Sellpay on my IAP and subscription conversions?
    We provide detailed analytics that show you how many users are engaging with the trade-in widget, conversion rates, and the amount of store gift card generated. Partners can use this data to optimize your messaging and placement for maximum impact.
  • Can I place my own analytics code?
    Yes, partners can place their own analytics code in their account and console and track through your own analytics platform.
  • How can I ensure a smooth user experience with Sellpay?
    We recommend targeting users that have not made IAP purchases during your game or app average time to purchase. Provide a clear and appealing messages and visual graphics within your game or app to offer users to trade-in used goods for gift card credits. For targeted users, place the offers with or instead of your offers for IAP. Avoid opening the widget in disruptive locations that interrupt gameplay. You can start with a link to open in a new browser window and later place it in an iframe or game window with an easy close button for users to return to the app or game seamlessly.
  • How can I get started with Sellpay?
    Book a call or Contact our team today to discuss your specific needs and game requirements. We can offer a demo, answer any further questions, and help you choose the best integration option for your game. You can also get started by registering, customizing and getting your code or link to connect to your personalized trade-in widget.
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