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Mobile App or Game developer? Increase ARPU by as much as 30%

On average less than 10% of users stay till day 30, much less spend on IAP.  But what if you offered users a way to buy coins and progress gameplay without spending a dime?

Integrate our Trade-in offer for games

Easily integrate the sellpay Trade-In offer and enable your non-paying gamers to enjoy In-App Purchases and advance gameplay. Gamers trade-in used goods in exchange for gift card rewards that they instantly spend on in-app purchases.

Increase subscriptions for your Service Apps

Subscriptions and long term payment commitments are a hard sell.  Integrate Sellpay and offer users to trade-in big ticket items for subscriptions without spending a dime.

Tap into users Hidden asset

Did you know an average U.S. household has $5,000 worth of used goods totaling $700 billion? Sellpay enables your users to trade-in these assets and spend it on your products and services, helping the environment.


Increase Revenues

By implementing our solution, partners increase their app revenues by as much as $5M for every 100k Dau.

Increase ARPU & UA

Increase ARPU by as much as 30% boosting ROAS, then spend more on user acquisition to take the lead in your category.

Easy & Safe Integration

Branded, seamless and safe integration. let our professionals walk you through and get up and running in no time.

Reduce Churn

Boost Brand & 5 Star Ratings

Convert Non-Payers

Monetize your game the smart way and reduce the number of ads, user annoyance, bad ratings and churn. 

Boost your brand and user satisfaction by offering an environmental solution, reducing CO2 & landfill mass via the circular economy.

Enable 95% of gamers that never pay to spend big on your app, progress through game levels, increasing satisfaction & profits.

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Revolutionize your business with Sellpay innovative trade-in technology

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