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About Us

The problem
The vast majority of users choose to avoid making a payment at the last step of a purchase process. In mobile apps less than 2% of DAU complete a transaction, in ecommerce process' over 80% abandon a shopping cart. Sellpay's platform enables its partners to convert more non-paying users to paying, increasing conversions, user satisfaction and helping the environment in the process.   

Our solution
Approximately 23 billion used items worth $700 Billion are deteriorating in U.S. households, the vast majority of them end up in landfills hurting our environment. We enable our partners to convert non-paying users, by offering an additional way to deposit and pay for goods and services, seamlessly trading old electronics, branded apparel, toys and more, to maximize value, social & ecological benefits.

We are a team of professionals with over three decades of combined experience in developing innovating software platforms focused on application monetization and conversion. Previously we successfully founded and managed two software companies that generated over $100M in revenues. Our last company, Somoto, has successfully integrated its monetization platform with thousands of application partners, and became a meaningful revenue contributor for its partners.  We aim to do the same for you, with Sellpay.

Revolutionize your business with Sellpay innovative trade-in technology

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